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Tom Dussek

Voice and Stage Actor

Recent Work

I wrote and performed “Doing What It Says On The Tin” as part of the Brighton Fringe 2013. Staged at the Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project this 1-hour 1-man show was very well received, selling out on 2 of the nights.

“Brutal, moving, thoughtful and hilarious” – The Argus

“Superb parodies, fine acting and unexpected tenderness” – Fringe Guru

It seemed to me that builders are one of the few members of society about whom it’s okay – expected, almost – to be really hyper-critical. But the builders I’ve worked with have lives and loves, insights and skills that are as funny as they are sobering. The play isn’t preachy or patronising. It’s honest and moving, showing the world from this man’s rather shitty side of the fence. And that’s a view we don’t see very often.


Go ahead, punk – make my tea


Straight Acting Showreel

Joe Danger and Codebreaker

Blue Toad



Nice things people have said

“Absolutely brilliant “- Joystiq, “Superb parodies, fine acting” – Fringe Guru, “Brutal, moving, thoughtful and hilarious” – The Argus, “Some of the best VO work I’ve ever heard” – Alternative Mag, “The Star of the show” – Eurogamer

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