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    Over a decade of professional voice acting and voice over

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    From friendly to authoritative, from characters to serious, Tom Dussek is a master at finding the voice in your head. Hugely experienced and professional, Tom Dussek's client list includes some of the world's best-known brands, most successful games, and most memorable TV ads.

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    Proper studio connection

    My studio in Brighton is equipped with a Rode NT-1A mic, Genelec monitors and proper acoustic panels, giving you excellent broadcast-quality sound. I also have the full-version Source Connect Standard, the industry-standard ISDN-replacement, to enable seamless connection to any other Source-Connect-equipped location in the world.

  • Theatre:

    2018 SHERLOCK'S POISONS, Dr Leon Sterndale, Summer of Sherlock

    2018 AFTER, Jay, Brighton Fringe

    2017 BESS THE COMMONER QUEEN, Sir William Cavendish, Hardwick Hall

    2017 THE PLAIN DEALER, Vernish, Brighton Open Air Theatre

    2017 THE TALE OF TOMMY O'QUIRE, The Storyteller, Hastings Fringe

    2017 DOING WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN, The Builder, Brighton Fringe

    2017 ELVIS LAS VEGAS 1969, Col. Tom Parker, The Woodville Gravesend

    2017 FIZZLEBERT STUMP, Narrator/devisor, Brighton City Reads

    2016 THE UGLY ONE, Shaeffler, The Rialto

    2016 GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, Dave Moss, The Rialto

    2016 THE BUTCHER (Paul Mosely) album launch, Narrator

    2016 THE TALE OF TOMMY O'QUIRE, The Storyteller, The Booth Museum

    2016 HAMISH & THE WORLDSTOPPERS, Narrator/devisor, Brighton City Reads

    2015 BEOWULF, Narrator/Poet, Brighton & Edinburgh Fringe

    2015 THE TALE OF TOMMY O'QUIRE, The Storyteller, Brighton & Edinburgh Fringe

    2015 RITUAL TO REVOLUTION, Estate Agent, Brighton Fringe

    2015 CIRCUS OF THIEVES, Armitage Shanks, City Reads

    2015 HIDDEN SECRETS, Henry Nye Chart/Tooley O'Petra, Theatre Royal, Brighton

    2015 OGGBOTS, Crazy Dave, Brighton Digital Festival

    2014 DOING WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN, The Builder, Brighton Fringe

    2013 HANGMAN, Jameson, Tristan Bates Theatre

    2013 ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, Scanlon, The Komedia

    2013 THE GRADUATE, Mr Braddock, Brighton Fringe

    2013 TALES FROM THE SPOTTED DOG, Various, Marlborough Theatre

    2012 MY SECOND LIFE, Andy, Greenwich Theatre


    Audio Productions

    2018 ROBIN HOOD, Town Crier, The Augustine Institute

    2018 STORM IN A LEAGUE CUP, Green, TBC Audio

    2018 THE TEASWELL INCIDENT, Sgt Jock Kelso, TBC Audio




    Epson Ready Ink - Instagram

    Potion Pop - TV

    Lloyds Pharmacy - TV & Radio

    Green Energy Power Solutions - TV

    Gorilla Glue - TV

    Knorr Flavour Pots - TV

    The Speakmans - ITV series

    Chester Zoo - TV

    Lowry Centre - TV & Radio

    Gloucester Quays - TV & Radio

    Stelrad radiators - Radio

    Commentary - Olympic Museum

    Battle of Brunanburh in Old English - English Heritage Visitor Centre, Battle


    Other clients: Heathrow Airport, BBC, English Heritage, Rolls Royce, Hampton Court, BP, Brandwatch, Manchester City FC, Chester Zoo, Santander, Gloucester Quays, Lowry Outlet, Philips, Railtrack, Qatar Health Ministry, Halfords, Astra Zenica, National Grid, Lefroy Brooks, NHS, Smith & Nephew, Vygon, Cornetto, Relentless Software, Asda, Intel, GQ, Neff, DeLoittes, Stelrad, Madam Gu, Alstom, Diageo, Eurocamp, Unilever, Lexis Nexis, Haigh Engineering, Cenergy, IBM, De Grouchy, GE/Alstom, Muller, Deloitte, Pfizer, Giken Seisakusho, Hewlett Packard


    Video Games

    Knowledge Is Power 2, Wish Studios/Sony, "Max" the narrator

    Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2, Pitstop Productions/Larian Studios, Various characters

    Knowledge Is Power, Wish Studios/Sony, "Max" the narrator

    Loco Dojo, Makereal, character development

    Elex, Pitstop Productions, numerous characters

    The Blue Toad Murder Files, Relentless Software, all 22 characters

    Hidden Secrets, Relentless Software, 6 characters

    Joe Danger, Hello Games, all voice acting

    All Zombies Must Die, Double Six, all voice acting

    Family Games Night 3 - EA Games/Hasbro, all voice acting

    Others: Fat Pebble, Double Six, Delinquent


    Film & Video

    2018 BRITISH BEER AND PUB ASSOC, Landlord, Havas/David Cunningham

    2018 400 QUESTIONS, Immigration Officer, Behind The Lines, Rosie Wakley

    2017 GUNNERSBURY PARK MUSEUM, Thomas Sheppard, Centre Screen, Steve Hewitt

    2017 GSK, Client, David Corcoran

    2017 RED, Drunk Man (lead), Brighton Film School

    2016 ENCHANTED LAMPPOSTS, Grumpy head, Shared Space & Light

    2016 THE LEADERSHIP ANGEL, Driver, Nice Media

    2015 LITTLE HEROES, Bishop

    2015 TALKING LAMPPOSTS, Old Strike-a-light, Shared Space & Light

    2014 KETCHUP, Dave (lead), London School of Comms

    2014 STOLEN JOKES, Terry (Lead), Headfirst

    2011 FALLEN ANGEL, Journalist, Brighton Film School


    Motion Capture

    R&D, Supermassive Games, Centroid 3D

    Bishop & Evil Prince, Little Heroes, Centroid 3D

  • Voice reels

  • Dad

    What's The Point?

    Daniel Harding

    Thomas Sheppard

    Gunnersbury Park

    Centre Screen



    London School of Comms

    Florence Scott-Anderson


    Stolen Jokes


    Matt Devitt


    Gorilla Glue

    Beautiful Films


    Potion Pop

    Mag Interactive

  • Reviews



    Dussek is a commanding storyteller. He also lends distinctive and characterful tones to each of the puppets, ranging from the earnest and slightly childish Beowulf to the other-worldly monster he goes on to conquer.



    Dussek is a natural storyteller who can command the room with ease, such is his charm and talent.



    Narrator Tom Dussek has a great voice for storytelling, and is slightly reminiscent of Peter Serafinowicz in that respect.

    Blue Toad Murder Files


    The voicework is some of the best I have ever heard in a game. I am thoroughly impressed!



    The voice acting provided by Tom Dussek is excellent. His range of voices knows no bounds.



    Top-notch voice acting brings the characters to life wonderfully.



    Tom Dussek does an amazing job of sending up every imaginable kind of British stock character.



    Actor Tom Dussek has done a freakishly good turn, voicing everyone in the game

    The Tale of Tommy O'Quire


    A masterclass in solo performance.



    Dussek is a very engaging storyteller who holds the audience with every line.

    Doing What It Says On The Tin


    There’s no doubting Tom Dussek’s talent both as a performer and a playwright. His vocal work is superb, with his effortless parodies of class-based accents a recurring highlight of the play.

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    Voice agent: The Voiceover Gallery / 0207 987 0951 / info@thevoiceovergallery.co.uk


    Acting agent: John Mahoney Management / 01273 685970 / info@johnmahoney.management


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